Sagasser & Associates, Inc.
Environmental Assessment & Engineering Services
Sagasser & Associates, Inc.

Client: MDEQ-RRD Saginaw Bay District Office
Site Location: 7859 Walton Road, Shepherd, Michigan
Project Dates: 04/05 - Present

Sagasser & Associates, Inc. (Sagasser) was approved as a Prime Professional Service Contractor and Contracted by the State of Michigan Department of Management and Budget (DMB) [Discretionary Contract No. 00127] for minor discretionary engineering projects by the State. We were requested by the Saginaw Bay District Office to provide a proposal and project schedule for the Site identified as Residential Contamination – 7859 Walton Road, Shepherd Michigan (Site).

It is understood that this project was the first time the MDEQ-RRD had utilized this relatively new Discretionary Contract. As such, the procedural mechanisms for this type of contract needed to be established. However, within 1 day following receipt of the Statement of Work Request from MDEQ-RRD, Sagasser & Associates, Inc. provided an initial schedule and preliminary cost estimate. Sagasser & Associates, Inc. performed an MDEQ file review and met with MDEQ-RRD staff to determine the specifics of the project. Sagasser & Associates, Inc. provided our final proposal 1.5 working days after our file review and meeting.

The Shepherd Farm Site is a LUST facility that previously had two (2) UST systems that included a 1,000-gallon gasoline UST (Tank 1) and a 1,000-gallon diesel UST (Tank 2). The USTs were removed from the ground on January 15, 1992. Soil and groundwater contamination was documented at both the gasoline and diesel UST locations. Prior investigations of the soil and groundwater identified the Site lithology as generally consisting of an upper 0.5-2 feet of topsoil underlain by a silty mottled clay with varying amounts of silt and sand that extends from the topsoil layer to 5-6 feet below ground level (bgl). The upper clay is underlain by a fine-grained sand stratum which is groundwater saturated and extends to 9-11 feet bgl. Underlying the fine sand is a grey silty hard clay stratum that extends to the maximum investigation depths of ~14 feet bgl. The groundwater within the fine sand stratum is reportedly under confined conditions during high water table periods, due to the overlying silty clay.

Sagasser & Associates, Inc.’s objective for the Interim Response Action will be to abate the “worst case” soil and source area groundwater contamination associated with the former gasoline UST system. To achieve this objective, Sagasser & Associates, Inc. was requested to design and prepare specifications to hire a Trade Contractor (TC) that will conduct contaminated soil and groundwater removal activities, former remediation building demolition, cut/cap system piping, well abandonment/removal, and Site restoration. In addition, Sagasser & Associates, Inc. will oversee the TC activities and conduct verification sampling of the soils and groundwater for laboratory analysis.

Sagasser & Associates, Inc. prepared the appropriate contract modification forms. Following receipt of notice to proceed (NTP), Sagasser & Associates, Inc. completed a site visit, prepared a MDEQ-WHM Site ID Form, an engineer’s estimate, and provided the review draft of the specification package all within 14 days from NTP.


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