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Antrim Well C2-21 April 4, 2007 Leak:

Sagasser & Associates, Inc. recommended that the containment cellar be emptied and adequately inspected. Also, all of the observable piping/and equipment was significantly corroded, in disrepair, and in need of maintenance/replacement.

Sagasser & Associates, Inc. reported the leak and information to the MDEQ, the Property Owner, the pipeline owner, and the community association within 12 hours of discovering the release.

Niagaran Well 2-29 May 3, 2006 Crude/Brine Release:

A crude oil - brine release was discovered by a residential property owner, whom contacted Sagasser & Associates, Inc. and we mobilized to the Site to meet with the respective representatives.  

Sagasser & Associates, Inc. expressed to the DEQ-OGS and Operator the opinion that the frequency of these releases is unacceptable.  We further expressed to the DEQ-OGS that the Property Owner needs to be notified of these releases, which there is no record of in the DEQ files, as reviewed the prior Thursday.  We made the recommendation that a monitor well was needed to assess the groundwater, due to the many releases that have occurred at this location. 

It was also expressed that improved maintenance was necessary to stop releases that are preventable from continuing to occur. 

Disregarded Requests Cause Brine Leak at C3-19 Well - November 2, 2005:

On July 28, 2005, Sagasser & Associates, Inc. personnel observed that the steel piping exhibited significant corrosion on the exterior at the C3-19 Antrim Gas Well.  This was cause for concern since it transfers brine on the interior.  We informed the Operator in writing with a copy sent to the DEQ-OGS, and respectfully requested they maintain/replace the piping, as well as provide notice in advance of these activities.  No reply was received from the Operator or the DEQ-OGS.

On August 16, 2005, a written follow-up request was made to the Operator to promptly address the corroded piping, with a copy sent to the DEQ-OGS.   No reply was received from the Operator or the DEQ-OGS.

On August 22, 2005, an additional follow-up request was made in writing to the Operator regarding the corroded piping concern.  No reply was received from the Operator or the DEQ-OGS.

On November 2, 2005, the corroded piping was found to be leaking at the juncture with the check valve.  The piping leak was for the brine flow line before it enters the metering shed.  An additional written request was made to address the condition immediately. 

The leak was fixed, a portion of the corroded piping was replaced, brine contaminated soil was removed, soil samples were collected, and the hole was left open until July 2006.


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