Sagasser & Associates, Inc.
Environmental Assessment & Engineering Services
Sagasser & Associates, Inc.
Phase II - Preliminary Contamination Assessments

Phase II consists of the sampling, analysis and/or more intensive investigative activities, as appropriate, to evaluate the RECs identified in Phase I. The scope of work is dependent upon the results of Phase I, but generally include

  • Soil, Groundwater and/or Surface Water Sampling and Analysis
    • Areas of highest potential impact based on Phase I concerns
    • Site-Specific scope for sampling and testing
    • Analysis for constituents potentially present, as identified in Phase I

Sagasser & Associates, Inc. uses various methods for conducting Phase II Preliminary Contamination Assessments, such as hand augers, hydraulic probes (direct push technology), backhoes, truck-mounted drill rigs, etc.  The intent of Phase II is to focus the sampling on specific areas or RECs and using an appropriate sampling and analytical protocol that allows for a determination of absence or presence of impact. 



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